YWCA USA Releases Statement on the Supreme Court

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YWCA USA Releases Statement on the Supreme Court

Washington, DC, February 19, 2016 — YWCA USA today released the following statement about the Supreme Court:

YWCA USA urges all who bear responsibility for ensuring the continued health of our democracy to take a principled approach to the task of nominating and approving a Supreme Court candidate. As one of the oldest and largest racial justice and women’s empowerment organizations, we call out for the selection of a jurist who reflects the rich diversity of the United States, and whose legal reasoning and decisions have espoused the best interests of even the most marginalized communities.

The Supreme Court of the United States plays a vital role in the strength of our nation. YWCA seeks a process that prevails over partisan politics and is aligned with the values of justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

For additional information: Contact Danielle Marse-Kapr, Communications and Marketing Manager, dmarsekapr@ywca.org, 202-835-2364.