Administration’s Drastic Cuts Destroy Programs for Those with Most Need

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Administration’s Drastic Cuts Destroy Programs for Those with Most Need

For Immediate Release
Cindy Hoffman: 202 524 5330

Statement by Casey Harden, Interim CEO, YWCA USA

“The FY2018 budget proposed today by the administration jackhammers the very foundation of our nation’s economic future by targeting the full range of educational, health, nutrition, childcare, housing, and other programs that provide women and families with access to basic living standards when times are tough or they can’t stretch their wages quite far enough. These are deep and drastic cuts that will destroy life-saving resources that help women and others who are struggling to put food on the table, obtain affordable health care, recover from the impacts of domestic violence or the loss of a job, and so much more.

“Rather than building a new foundation of strength, this budget proposal cuts off pathways to economic stability for women, who comprise 57 percent of America’s workforce and play an increasing role as primary breadwinners for their families. This is particularly devastating for women of color, who participate in the workforce and financially support their families at even higher rates.

“YWCA is particularly alarmed by the continued attacks on women’s reproductive health that are reflected in the budget proposal released today, and by the administration’s narrow paid leave proposal for new parents which fails to meet the true needs of America’s workers.

“America needs a budget that puts women and families first. We need a budget that expands access to quality, affordable health care rather than cutting Medicaid and access to reproductive health. We need a budget that ensures basic living standards for women and families facing tough times instead of cutting access to housing, food, and assistance for those in need. We need a budget that makes education available and affordable to all instead of cutting Pell grants, student loans, and public education; and that provides support for survivors of gender-based violence instead of cutting legal services and community development grants.

“It is our nation’s responsibility to build a fair and equitable country for all, not to promote policies that further marginalize women and communities of color.”


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