Y Women Startup

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The “Y Women Startup” Podcast expands content creation and classroom instruction for women and girls of color to succeed in entrepreneurship.

The StartUp Basics

This series will cover the necessary steps in the early stages of business ownership.

1. Proven Steps to Startup Success

2. How to Make Your First Dollar

3. Making Money Moves Towards Your Personal Finances

The Core of Business Operations

This series will highlight business best practices to effectively operate businesses in various industries.

4. Team Goals: Building Talent in the Office

5. Partnerships 2.0: Your Secret Tool to Revenue

6. Landing Mentors, Growing Networks

Technology Tools: Branding & Growth – Coming Soon

This series will cover the technology resources for any size business to succeed as an innovation champion

7. A Brand New You: Gaining Exposure for Your Business

8. Tech Tools that Make Business Easy

9. Why Numbers Matter: No Data, No Dollars!

Identifying the Three C’s, Clients, Contracts, and Cash – Coming Soon

This series will cover the three key areas that help women entrepreneurs build financial capability.

10. The Inside of Private and Public Contacts

11. Why Money Matters: The Path of the Cash

12. A Guide to Client Discovery