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Civic Engagement

We know that change starts at the local level—and we know how crucial it is to support women, in particular women and girls of color, this election season and beyond. As one of the oldest and largest women’s organizations in the country, we are especially committed to doing our part to make sure women get to the polls, and that our experiences and needs are valued, represented and made a priority to those we elect to public office. That’s why we’re working with 200+ YWCAs across 46 states and Washington, D.C. to help build political power in our communities.

We know that voting is critical to ensuring a healthy, safe, empowered future for us, our families, and our communities. Make sure you, your friends and loved ones are registered to vote, be sure to double-check your registration, and make sure to show up to the polls! Click on the buttons below to get started.

This is your voice, your vote, your future.

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A few helpful reminders and ideas:

  • REGISTER TO VOTE! Don’t forget: if you’ve had a name change or change of address, you must update your registration. And remember: it’s always good to double-check to make sure you’re still registered.
  • Get your friends and family registered. That friend who just isn’t into politics? Your cousin who just turned 18? Help them see the value in showing up to the polls, and encourage them to pledge to vote this election!
  • Host your own voter registration drive! Whether it’s at your school, workplace, place of worship, or a sporting event, it is quick and easy to set up and a great way to make registering easy for people in your community. Print out our signs and pledge cards, use our templates to print “register” buttons or stickers, and get going!
  • Support your local YWCA in their GOTV efforts, and/or host your own voter engagement event! Whether it’s volunteering to plan or participate in a voter registration drive, helping with a candidate forum or with voter education events, or simply lifting up efforts through social media — we can each play a role in empowering our community. Check out YWCA’s 2019 GOTV toolkit.
  • Sign up to be a poll worker! Signing up to be a poll worker is a great way to support your community. Encourage your friends and family to volunteer to do the same. A well-trained poll worker can be the difference between a vote being counted or rejected. Poll workers from diverse backgrounds are needed: Do you know a language widely spoken in your community? Do you know how to work an iPad or smartphone? Consider serving your community this election by applying to be a poll worker at workelections.com.
  • Encourage and remind other people to register and vote via social media! In particular, we encourage you to support and help women, especially women of color, get to the polls. We want to make sure that the experiences, needs, and issues that women and marginalized communities care about are made a priority on Election Day and to those we elect to public office.