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The Objectives of World Council

  1. Fulfill all the tasks required of World Council as provided in the Constitution.
  2. Undertake a collective reflection on the theme of the 29th World Council, in relation to the internal and external challenges that confront YWCA and young women in particular.
  3. Ensure the full integration of young women in the program and process of the 29th World Council.
  4. Celebrate faith through prayer, song, and liturgies that strengthen community and solidarity among World Council delegates and participants.
  5. Engage World Council delegates and participants in a discussion on the state of the YWCA movement and its purpose.
  6. Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and skills between member associations through workshops.
  7. Learn about South Africa, its history, and culture as well as the challenges its women face through inputs, face-to-face interactions, and creative presentations.